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Just in case you follow Just Bento but not Just Hungry, and you’re wondering why there haven’t been any updates for a while, this is what happened. I’ll be back home in a few days though and back to regular bento making!

In the meantime, a picture from a couple of days ago. In the background is the Pacific Ocean, from Laie Point on the northeastern shore of Oahu, Hawai’i. On the dashboard of my rental car…two spam musubi! I still can’t say I am in love with them but they do sure fill a hole in the tummy very very well.

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I want to go back to Hawaii so bad. I went a few years ago and it was one of my favorite vacations ever!

Spam Musubi!

I’ve lived in Hawai’i for a bit and also visit as much as I can and I’m fully addicted to spam musubi. Only Hawai’i knows how to take something as foreign to the rest of America’s youth as spam and make it delicious. I can even taste it right now. Mmhmm… perfect!

I’m glad you got away for

I’m glad you got away for a bit. Good use of mileage points, and I love the photo of spam musubi. I had never heard of it before.

woah…My husband is from

woah…My husband is from Laie. He has jumped he point since he was like 5 years old. It’s a family tradition to jump after any special ocassion.

I lived in Laie. wish I was there when you were there and I could of invited you over for some really good spam dishes


Those spam musubis look sooooo delicious! They were definitely a lunch staple when I lived there, especially good for field trips. I even have a couple spam musubi “makers” that we bought before we moved. Not that there’s very much to making spam musubis but it definitely helps make everything compact!

Nice you told it here!I have

Nice you told it here!I have wondering…

I think I’m not the only one to be jealous, in front of my computer looking at your meal! Haiwai!!

Get well soon

Get well soon. Physical disability is a bummer.

Spam Musubi is a DELIGHT

I love spam musubi. I’ve had spam musubi in Hawaii as well but I first tasted it at May’s Cafe in Japantown, San Francisco. May’s place is not fancy but has lovely Japanese homestyle favorites like curry rice with tonkatsu and ma-po tofu (Japanese style, of course). Being of mixed Japanese ancestry, there would be no question that this is the food for me!!!

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