Back To School Week Giveaway and Special Offer from LunchBots

The second Back To School Week giveaway comes to you from LunchBots, makers of sturdy stainless steel lunch boxes! Stainless steel lunch boxes are a great alternative for anyone who wants to avoid using plastic containers. LunchBots lunch boxes are totally plastic and silicone free, and very sturdy.

LunchBots is offering a 20% discount code for JustBento readers, good for any purchase on their web site. This coupon has no expiry date, so even if you come across this article months after it’s been posted, it will still be valid! (Unless it says otherwise here of course ^_^) Please note that this coupon is valid for U.S. customers only. The coupon code is JUSTBENTO.

The giveaway prize from LunchBots is the Duo, which has a handy divider inside and is a great size for bento lunches for bigger kids or adults. It also makes a nice snack box for nuts, granola, or your secret stash of candy. It’s also their bestselling box. See my in-depth review of the Duo here.


How to enter the LunchBots giveaway

[Update:]_ This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! The winner will be announced next week.

Please note that this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

To enter, just leave a comment to this post, including your answer to the question - What’s your ideal material for a bento box? (See this comparison chart to see what’s available on the market now.) Be free to let your imagination run wild if you like!

Be sure to include a valid email address where you can be contacted in the appropriate text box! Your comment must be posted by 23:59:59 EDT (U.S. East Coast Time) (or just before midnight) of Saturday, August 21th 2010. One lucky entry will be drawn at random to receive the LunchBots Duo box. Good luck!

This is Giveaway No. 2 of Back To School Week. Stay tuned for more throughout the week! (Non-US residents don’t fret, there will be giveaways later in the week that you can enter too, I promise!)


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Re: Back To School Week Giveaway and Special Offer from ...

I'm glad I got here in time! Stainless steel is definitely my material of choice!

Re: Back To School Week Giveaway and Special Offer from ...

This would be so much better than the plastic box I just bought for my 2 year old!

Re: Back To School Week Giveaway and Special Offer from ...

Right now, pretty much all of mine are plastic. I'd like to try stainless steel but haven't found any at the stores locally that looked good.

Re: Back To School Week Giveaway and Special Offer from ...

I'd say wood. Yea, it's hard to take care of, and you have to be careful about staining, but I think it's healthier than aluminum or plastic. You wouldn't have to worry about what's leaching into your food, and I like the making rice taste better benefit. Not that I can actually afford any wood boxes, but I can dream, right?

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