About rice cookers

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Re: About rice cookers

I was recently given a clay pot with an inverted spout in the bottom of the pot and small drainage holes around it, the lid has a steam hole, and the pot has handles that are wrapped with twin to make a handle.

I am just wondering what sort of pot is this? I think it is for some form of cooking; but I am not sure.

Re: About rice cookers

It sounds like a tajine pot. Been looking for one for ages!! It cooks Moroccan style stews etc and apparently provides unbelievable flavour due to the style of cooking.

Re: About rice cookers

Hmm, I am not sure about the Tagine as I have one and the whole point is that steam does not escape (almost like a pressure cooker) also the funnel is in the lid rather than the bottom section which is a fairly shallow flat bowl. Could this be some kind of shabu-shabu pot? I have seen metal versions of these with a vented lid and inverted funnels coming up from the centre of the base.

Just a thought.

Re: About rice cookers

maybe it's a donabe

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