Poll: What is your main reason for making (or wanting to make) bento?

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Why I want to bento

1) Healthy food 2) Japanese food 3) Delicious food


Because it looks so fun to eat.

Joie de vivre

I make bentos because I have a poor appetite and don’t eat enough. I don’t like most American lunch foods, and I usually end up under-eating.

I know this is a weird problem.

The other reason is that bento food is just better: it’s prettier, has more variety, and I go all morning waiting for when I can open it up.

Why I want to make bento

I love the Japanese style food that I’ve had. Thought it would be fun to try. Will be interesting to find ingredients out here in South Dakota - but it will be an adventure.

All of the above… plus

All of the above… plus it’s CUTE ;)

I bento because I’m a

I bento because I’m a Family Childcare Provider. I figure any way I can introduce healthy meals to my charges, all the better. Kids dig food in shapes. This justifies all my silly bento purchases.

I’ve started making bento

I’ve started making bento because I found out I have celiac (ie. no more gluten), so it’s easier to just bring my own food—plus I get more variety.

because it is just wicked cool

enough said.

*Raises hand*

I agree.

How about all of the above?

How about all of the above?

1) Healthier eating, 2)

1) Healthier eating, 2) Spoil myself, 3) Eye candy

aesthetics and to learn to

aesthetics and to learn to cook japanese food. Packing up my leftovers bento-style makes them 100x more appetizing to eat for lunch the next day.

I enjoy Bento because it

I enjoy Bento because it brightens my day to make them, and to eat them. My classmates get quite impressed. And they are very easy to take along and clean (easier than other types of lunch boxes).

I started because I wanted

I started because I wanted to encourage my son to eat. After reading so many people saying that cute/interesting food is more likely to encourage a child to eat, I happened to stumble on a bento blog. It just stick with me.

Of course, it hasn’t worked, my son still eats nothing except scrambled eggs and nutella sandwichs, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep making them for myself ;)

(Plus I have a HUGE problem with portion control, so little bento boxes are perfect for cutting down on portion size)

There should be an all of

There should be an all of the above option. That’d be my choice.

Other- They’re adorable

Other- They’re adorable and fun!

Why do I make bentos?

Why do I make bentos? Because it’s FUN! Well, and I have a bad habit of not eating, and having a bento makes eating more appealing.

So many reasons

I started because my workmate and I went on a health-kick and were looking for healthy lunches we could bring from home. We discovered a bento website and were completely charmed - went out and bought a bento box each that week.

I like more traditional Japanese bento dishes, my workmate puts her own twist on it, so I suppose we’ve each been improving our cooking skills.

Now, having just returned from Singapore with half a suitcase full of bento accessories, I would say it’s also for aesthetics, stress relief, and it’s become a hobby.

why making bento ?

Other > Firstly it came because in the universitary restaurant there is no vegetarian lunch and so i was thinking to bring my own food, and then i discovered the bento’s world so it was the best way to bring lunch and to have a fun in preparation !


Main reason: aesthetics. Secondary reason: as a coeliac sufferer, it’s easy to make gluten-free (as long as I use Tamari). I should also add that I have wonderful memories of my last trip to Japan, so I am a huge Japan-ophile.

why bento

I got started to tempt my picky eater daughter’s appetite. Now I also make them for myself to ensure that I actually eat lunch and eat enough.

why? because...

Because I have a problem with lunch. I hate sandwiches. And although I’m back at home at lunch time after work and picking up my son from kindergarten, by that time I’m so starved I’m ready to eat anything that isn’t nailed down. Too often we end up going out to eat, or getting fast food. And these are not eating habits I want my son to be copying. So I’m thinking that a bento lunch prepared the night before might be the answer for us!

Why? to feed picky eaters

One of my boys is a very picky eater. He just doesn’t like fruits and veggies. If he had his way he would eat bread all day long. Since I’ve started making bento he has discovered several fruits and veggies that he actually likes and has added to the list of produce that he tolerates. Thanks to bento, he eats a much healthier lunch. And so do the rest of us, frankly!

why do I make Bento?

Because it’s fun for me to do!

Because I like to cook and there are always leftovers so making bento lunches for my kids gets the leftovers out of the house so I can cook more.

Because my kids will eat their bento lunches.

Because school lunches are $2.15 and I can make a bento for far less than that.

Because when we take bento on picnics or airplanes we look forward to our food.

Food Alergies :(

I started making Bentos this year because my 12yo daughter is on a gluten and milk free diet and I was tired of sending her to school with boring lunches (meat, fruit, potato chips). We’ve been having great fun! Our foods have been mostly American for now and I’ve been using a simple Dollar Tree plastic container but she is a huge anime fan, so a fun bento box is something I’d really like to get her! I’d also like to experiment more with foods, but I’d have to get her to agree first ;)

To be a bit healthier, at

  1. To be a bit healthier, at least once in a while, cos I usually get to eat for free at work (food is pretty greasy though)
  2. Save some money
  3. It looks fun to make cute lunches! Er, I’m more about simplicity, though! ^_^;
  4. Improve some of my cooking skills! I’ve never made tamagoyaki before (at least the way you’re supposed to), so that’ll be a good learning experience! But I’m not going to go all out much cos, well, I’m lazy.

To save money and get the

To save money and get the food I want. The only place to eat near my work is a greasy pizza joint. Nothing remotely healthy ever came out of that place.

in japan....

I am currently in Japan for the year, and the bread here isn’t up to my standards! Making a bento is much easier because my local supaa is stocked with little lunch meat and lots of Japanese food, of course! :)

p.s. Can you put the name of the ingredients in Japanese, too?

Bentos are delicious and

Bentos are delicious and remind me of when I lived in Japan and of visits to okazu-yas in Hawaii. They’re also very aesthetically pleasing, more exciting than sandwiches, fun to show off to others at work, and generally quite cheap to make.

Why bento?

Because it’s soooo cute! And healthy: After I told my mother that bento is a good way to eat just until you’re full, she got interested in them, too. Today, I had a bento with omlette noodles, homemade honey-ginger chicken, apple slices, a sliced mushroom, and rice.

Got fed up with our schools

Got fed up with our schools catering and the lousy snacks I used to eat.

My "Other" Reason

Count me in with those who go in for the aesthetics. Cute boxes, pretty food, and the whole bento philosophy intrigue me.

All of the other reasons, except weight loss, are important to me, too. But I did those before I discovered bento.

great comments

Your comments are very interesting! It will help me when I plan future articles here for sure.

Tired of soup

I was tired of packing soup most everyday. An article about bento art caught my eye and I thought I would give it a try. I had no idea at the time that I would do less and less “art” with it. But I love the other reasons mentioned - the variety, health and that it stays within my budget - so I’ve kept it up. :0)


I enjoy cooking my own lunches already. Bento is far more fun than plastic baggies.

It’s also fun!

It’s also fun!

Wish you could pick several options

My reasons are Healthier eating Lose weight Improve my cooking skills.

Odd as it sounds, reading Just Bento was the biggest reason for my New Year’s Resolution this year: Learn to cook like a grownup. Otherwise known as the ‘grilled cheese sandwiches are not a meal, though damned tasty’ resolution.

Your blogs are pretty inspiring, just though I should let you know. Now I just need a bento box or two.

I make bento because its

I make bento because its fun. Its pretty to look at and fun to eat and I take lunch with me to work most days, and have a pretty sedentary job (telephone operator). While my coworkers are downing heartattacks on a bun (double cheeseburger from mcd is the fave atm) im usually having rice with carrots or spinach, and sometimes bbq pork (my weakness).

There really should be an

There really should be an “all of the above” choice! I like bento because they’re healthy and varied, it’s a good amount of food so I lose weight, it’s a good amount of food so my fiance eats enough, it’s pretty/appetizing/varied/more tasty than american lunch food (bleh, sandwiches), it’s cheap/convinient, AND I improve my cooking/planning skills! All in all, I like bento because it makes SENSE.

At first I was lured by the

At first I was lured by the super-cute kyaraben… but I also enjoy the portion control that comes along with it since I’ve had weight problems, and it encourages me to actually cook instead of eating cheap fast food as I am a college student, haha ^^

Just fell into it

I’ve been making my lunches fairly consistently for a while—getting into bento gave me focus and a ton of ideas, so I don’t get bored :) I love to cook already, so it was sort of a natural progression.

All of the above

My two main goals for the year health and finances (losing weight and getting rid of my debt). So, bento goes along with those goals perfectly. However, I also want to learn to cook better, and learn about a wider variety of foods — like vegetables I’m unfamiliar with.

a moment of joy

1) want to control size portions 2) am very curious of other foods and cooking: japonese, vegetarian, italian, idian…; 3) love playing for, me, it’s fun to eat a heart formed egg 4) love create: bento implies a sort of daily art 5) want to eat healthy (most of the time) 6) like to keep money for week end’s going out! 7) it’s a nice way to meet other friendly people. Since I started a simple blog, I like to discover comments from people I don’t know but sheare my passion.

Re: Poll: What is your main reason for making (or wanting ...

I haven't made obento just yet, since I don't have a bento box and I want a cute Hello Kitty one that requires me to save up some money, but I have made onigiri before (of course, the recipe said to use long grain rice - that explains a lot!). I am really excited to start making obento and the reasons for me are to eat healthier, to lose more weight, and to show off at school~ ^__^ Also, since it is my last year in high school, I want to get in the habit of home cooked meals so if I do go to college out of state, I won't waste money on eating out.

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