Complete List of Bento Friendly Recipes

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Shrimp and tofu mini-burgers (tsukune) with red pepper sauce japanese, fish, tofu
Shrimp Tatsutaage: Japanese Crispy Fried Shrimp japanese, fish, also-rans
Simply grilled or pan-fried salted chicken thighs chicken, not japanese
Soft Polenta For Dinner, Fried Polenta Cakes for Bento vegetarian, leftovers, gluten-free, cheese, not japanese, carbs, corn
Spicy Lentil Snacks With Sesame Seeds vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, not japanese, beans
Spinach Tamagoyaki (Spinach-packed omelette) japanese, vegetarian, eggs, spinach, protein
Spring maze gohan: Green pea rice, Asparagus rice vegan, japanese, rice, spring, vegetables
Spring Pasta and Chickpea Salad and Bento-Friendly Pasta Salad Basics complete bentos, vegetarian, cheese, not japanese, salad, spring, also-rans, pasta, bento decoration techniques
Stewed hijiki seaweed with carrots and fried tofu vegan, staples, johbisai, seaweed, gluten-free
Stewed winter vegetables with kouya dofu (freeze dried tofu) vegan, japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, gluten-free, tofu, vegetables
Stovetop leftover vegetable frittata vegetarian, eggs, not japanese, vegetables
Studentenfutter: Swiss student feed mix vegan, vegetarian, nuts, not japanese, snacks
Stuffed Pan Fried Hanpen, 'foxy' light fish cakes japanese, fish, meat
Sweet pepper and carrot confetti vegan, japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, furikake, vegetables, low-carb
Sweet pepper and onion confit vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, staple
Sweet, sour and salty 'instant' radish pickles vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, gluten-free, spring, vegetables, pickles
Sweet-Sour Red Wine Vinegar Chicken chicken
The easiest always-moist poached chicken chicken, not japanese, salad
The Guy's Two-Step Nikujaga (Japanese meat and potatoes) japanese, meat, beef, potatoes, guy does bento
Tips for using Thanksgiving leftovers in bento lunches leftovers, meat, not japanese
Tofu and vegetable piccata vegetarian, asian-general, gluten-free, eggs, tofu
Torihamu or Homemade Chicken "Ham" japanese, chicken, staples, johbisai
Travelling the world from your kitchen with bentos chicken, asian-general, vegetables, guest posts, guest bentos, eggplant
Tuna soboro with ginger japanese, fish, furikake, frugalbento
Tuna tofu miso mini burgers japanese, fish, tofu