Other bento stuff.

For anyone who has been wondering about the lack of new posts here, this over on Just Hungry should explain things. I'm really hoping to feel well enough to write with pleasure about food, let alone bentos, soon. In the meantime, especially if you are new to the site, please take a look through the archives - there's a lot here! Thank you for your patience.

In case you don't follow the sister site, Just Hungry, last week we got home from attending my father's memorial service in New York to find out we had been burgled in our absence. Among other things, they took most of our 'temporary' kitchen equipment (we are still in the middle of renovations...) including the working hotplate, the microwave oven (which was also a convection oven...so handy), not to mention my food processor, KitchenAid mixer, even my stick blender.


A bit of weekend fun! An IKEA campaign with the neatest looking bento box ever.

And the winners of the Just Bento Cookbook giveaway are...

The winners of the Just Bento Cookbook New Edition giveaway that concluded on Monday are...

The Just Bento Cookbook: New edition giveaway!


I'm giving away 2 signed copies of The Book!

Bentos are a great way to sample the best restaurants in Japan


A little taste of haute cuisine in a bento box.

Another bento contest with great prizes.