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We moved the site to a new server...and for some reason Feedburner (the service that sends emails of new posts) decided to send out the last 10 posts again one big email! It shouldn't happen again (fingers crossed). My apologies for clogging up your email box!
I'm in the process of updating JustBento, and so you may see some disruptions to service over the weekend. Fear not though, the site is alive and well, just getting some work done. ^_^ If you need something to read in the meantime JustHungry will stay open (I'm working on one site at a time), where I've just posted the final lesson in the Japanese Cooking 101 course. Also: if you're looking for a Mother's Day bento set, monbento has a 20% off sale on a very nice pink and white set right now. OK pink for moms may be a bit of a cliché but...it is very nice looking! I'll see you back here next week, hopefully with the site still intact ^_^; Update: Looks like all is well for the moment..iif you're seeing this line the move well ok!

The Just Bento Cookbook: Milestones and pondering the future

My baby has been doing well, despite her mother's absence.

Upcoming: Bento box and accessory reviews


Expect several bento box and accessory reviews soon...and maybe a few surprises.


There seem to be more and more bento related contests these days, but the annual contest held by the longtime JustBento friends Bento&co is still one of the biggest in terms of great prizes and number of outstanding entries. This year the grand prize is a 6 day trip to Kyoto, including airfare if you live outside of Japan! That's a prize worth flexing your creative bento muscles for. Besides the Grand Prize winners, 20 finalists will receive various bento-related items as prizes. The theme this year is different too: it's Pasta Bento. Be sure to read all the rules, and I wish you all good luck! I will not be participating as a judge this year....so who knows, maybe I'll enter too ^_^ (Alas I am ineligible...I'll have to pay my own way to Kyoto, sniff.)

To those of you who follow JustBento but don't follow JustHungry: the first lesson in the Japanese Cooking 101 course has been posted. If you're interested in cooking traditional Japanese style bentos, you will find the course to be a good foundation to that. Join us!

Help me know what you like and enter for a drawing to win a copy of The Just Bento Cookbook!

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