Flash giveaway! Tell me your favorite recipe(s) from JustBento

Comments are now closed. Thank you for all of your terrific responses! The winner of the giveaway will be announced next week.

Dear JustBento readers, I need your help! I'm trying to put together a list of the most popular recipes here on JustBento. I can go by access count and all that, but I thought it would be more interesting if you told me what you like.

So, here's the deal. Just leave a comment here stating the following:

  1. Your name (Your full name is not necessary, just a name or nickname so I can identify you)
  2. Your general geographic location in the world
  3. Up to 3 favorite recipes from the site, and why you like them. Please give me the full name or the link, since some recipes have very similar names.

And that is it! One commenter picked at random will receive a signed copy of The Just Bento Cookbook, plus an additional goodie to be disclosed later.

Just a few rules and all that:

  • Only one entry/comment per person please. If you leave more than one (unless it's due to a glitch in the commenting system) I'll have to disqualify you.
  • Perhaps it's a bit too obvious but...only write in recipes that are actually on the site. I'll allow JustHungry recipes too. But if you just list any old recipe, you're probably confused...and will be ineligible for the drawing.
  • The prize can be shipped worldwide.
  • Deadline for entry: March 8, 2013 at 23:59:59 CET.

And that's it! I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

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