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Hi Peoples!!

Hi hi! I'm knitticism, and I've been interested in Japanese culture my whole life. I'm currently a college student, so my meals are taken care of there, but the semester's almost over, and I think bento would be a fun way to bring my lunches to work. I have to watch what I put in my bento though. I recently caught swine flu, and the virus settled in my heart, causing myocarditis (a swelling of the heart muscle). As I (hopefully) heal up from that, I need to be on a low sodium diet- around 2,000 mg a day or less.

Hi from Norwich

Hallo from Norwich. I'm Francesca, AKA Stefafra, I'm 40 years old, Italian, and have lived in various bits of Europe, including The Neterlands, Switzerland (both in Zuerich and Fribourg) and now I live in the UK. All this travels are due to my job: I try to be a scientist, I work with plants and fungi . In short, I'm a plant pathologist (and to steal a joke from somebody else, no I don't make autopsies on plants). When I'm not mistreating plants I cook, and as I have a long fascination with all things Japanese I landed on this wonderful pages.

Hi from Louisiana

Hello-I just joined this forum-I am very excited to have found it-My son and I returned to the US from Japan in November-I lived there 13 years and he was born there and is half-Japanese-He has eaten Japanese food since he could eat and at school in Japan he always had really yummy and healthy(compared to my area) school lunch-When we moved to the US he had school lunch and then i found out that he is allergic to eggs, sugar, gluten/wheat, chicken, pork and a host of other things so he needs to bring his lunch-Since regular sandwiches are out things like onigiri and side dishes work best for h

Greetings From Colorado!

Hello Forum! My name is Trish and I live along the Front Range in Colorado. I am originally from Alberta, Canada, moved to the States almost 20 years ago. I make bentos for my daughter, who is elementary school, and am looking to start making them for myself as well as I am looking as losing some weight.

Hey From Memphis,TN

Evening All, Bramble here. I'm not sure if I ever posted an intro on here or not, but it's been over 2 years so I think a new one would be a good idea. Name: Bramble Status: Taken Why I'm on "Just Bento" : Because I love learning about cultures through their food and find the concept and execution of bento interesting. What do I do besides surf on the web: I'm a college student majoring in Culinary Arts Other interests: Learning to bellydance, cooking, reading when I get time, swimming