An introduction two years too late? Hello from Edmonton, Alberta!

Hi there! I'm Tania... or Canadian Bento, if you want, whichev. :p I'm new... to posting. I registered about two years ago because I wanted to start making beautiful bento for lunches, or dinners, but right around the time I started my bento adventure I experienced a few life upheavals and my new hobby sort of fell to the wayside. Just recently I've picked it up again as a way to keep track of what I was putting in my mouth... one thing led to another, I decided to start a blog ( , partially to motivate myself and partly because I've always wanted to blog ^.^) and then I remembered my old account here... With my renewed interest I've come back to the forums here, hoping to find handy bento and blogging tips from the community. :D So, hello! *waves*