Recipes for staples (stash or jobisai/johbisai)

Essential for making bento prep quick and easy. See this page for a definition of stash or staple items, called johbisai or johbisai.

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Yuzu scented winter vegetable tsukemono (pickles) japanese, johbisai, winter, sides, vegetables, pickles
Vegetarian Cake Provençal With Kinako vegetarian, johbisai, staple, not japanese
Two-color namasu, a make-ahead daikon radish and carrot salad vegan, japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, winter, vegetables, washoku, holiday
Two types of savory vegan muffins: Pumpkin-miso and Carrot-onion-hazelnuts vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, bread based, not japanese, muffins
Torihamu or Homemade Chicken "Ham" japanese, chicken, staples, johbisai
Sweet, sour and salty 'instant' radish pickles vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, gluten-free, spring, vegetables, pickles
Sweet pepper and onion confit vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, staple
Sweet pepper and carrot confetti vegan, japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, furikake, vegetables, low-carb
Stewed winter vegetables with kouya dofu (freeze dried tofu) vegan, japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, gluten-free, tofu, vegetables
Stewed hijiki seaweed with carrots and fried tofu vegan, staples, johbisai, seaweed, gluten-free
Roasted carrot spread vegan, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, gluten-free, not japanese, vegetables, nut-free
Red Peppers With Maple Syrup and Chili vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, vegetables
Really frugal ramen soup eggs japanese, johbisai, eggs, frugalbento
Quick tip: Frozen fruit cups vegan, vegetarian, health and weight loss, johbisai, not japanese, fruit, summer
Miso, tahini and nut paste for broiled or baked root vegetables vegan, japanese, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, miso, nuts, sesame
Miso Tamago (Miso Marinated Eggs) japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, miso, eggs
Making your own frozen kabocha squash, plus a simple recipe for simmered kabocha squash staples, johbisai, fall, vegetables, freezer
Make your own instant vegetable soup concentrate vegan, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, soup
Lazy easy tea eggs johbisai, staple, gluten-free, eggs
Iri tamago or tamago soboro, another standard Japanese egg recipe japanese, johbisai, staple, furikake, eggs, soboro
Individual portion frozen shepherd's pies (or any kind of casserole dish) staples, johbisai, meat, not japanese, freezer
How to make shuumai / shumai dumplings vegan, staples, johbisai, fish, meat
Homemade furikake no. 9: Green tea japanese, staples, johbisai, furikake, tea
Homemade furikake no. 8: Hijiki and chirimenjako (tiny tiny fish) japanese, staples, johbisai, furikake
Homemade furikake no. 7: Salmon furikake (or Sake flakes) japanese, staples, johbisai, fish, furikake