Japanese recipes

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Pork (or beef) and mushroom roll-ups japanese, fall, meat, beef, pork, fried food
Panfried Komachibu - Vegan 'Scallops' vegan, japanese, vegetarian, protein
Pan-fried crispy chicken or turkey nuggets with gobo (burdock root) or any root vegetable japanese, chicken, leftovers, poultry, thanksgiving
Okowa: Sticky rice with all kinds of good things vegan, japanese, rice, meat
Okara and crab salad japanese, gluten-free, sides, salad, low-carb
Noriben, a true Japanese classic japanese, rice
Negimiso bento recipes: Misoyaki tofu, Misoyaki onigiri, Misoyaki rice vegan, japanese, vegetarian, rice, miso, tofu
Natto or Tempeh Fried Rice vegan, japanese, vegetarian, rice, gluten-free, beans
Miso, tahini and nut paste for broiled or baked root vegetables vegan, japanese, vegetarian, johbisai, staple, miso, nuts, sesame
Miso Tamago (Miso Marinated Eggs) japanese, vegetarian, staples, johbisai, miso, eggs
Miso Marinated Pork (butaniku no misozuke) japanese, meat, miso, pork
Miso chicken (tori misoyaki) japanese, chicken, miso
Make your own instant miso soup balls japanese, miso soup, instant soup, soup
Lower-calorie, lower-cost, beef and bean sprout burgers japanese, meat, beef, yohshoku
Lower-calorie higher fibre inarizushi with hijiki vegan, japanese, rice, sushi
Kinpira rice burger and how to keep the rice of the 'bun' together vegan, japanese, rice, gluten-free
Japanese Scotch Egg japanese, meat, beef, eggs, also-rans
Japanese dry curry with soybeans or tempeh vegan, japanese, vegetarian, beans
Iri tamago or tamago soboro, another standard Japanese egg recipe japanese, johbisai, staple, furikake, eggs, soboro
Homemade Sakura Denbu - sweet, pink, fluffy fish flakes japanese, fish, furikake, decorative, spring, washoku
Homemade furikake no. 9: Green tea japanese, staples, johbisai, furikake, tea
Homemade furikake no. 8: Hijiki and chirimenjako (tiny tiny fish) japanese, staples, johbisai, furikake
Homemade furikake no. 7: Salmon furikake (or Sake flakes) japanese, staples, johbisai, fish, furikake
Homemade furikake no. 3: Noritama japanese, johbisai, staple, furikake
Homemade furikake no. 2: Carrot and sesame seeds vegan, japanese, vegetarian, johbisai, furikake