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Report any forum spammers here

With the growing popularity of Just Bento and the forum, we have some idiots joining here trying to spoil things for everyone. We try to stamp out the spammers as fast as possible, but sometimes we can't see what they are doing, such as when they spam individual forum members.

If you are spammed in a private message, or see a spammy comment or topic posted, please report the user here. Thanks!

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What is up with the server

You may have noticed that the site was inaccessible for certain periods these past two days. Unfortunately, we got DDOS'ed; I thought that it has been fixed when it happened yesterday, but then I eh, forgot to save the iptables and rebooted the server later the same day. So...back they were again overnight today. it should be fixed hopefully. Please also see this post. Thank you for your patience!
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Server status (was: Server was down)

I'm going to put server/site status notices here. If the server is actually down, then I'll twitter it at @justbento. (Note this is not the same as my chattering twitter account, which is at @bentotips. The traffic to the site is growing at an exponential rate at the moment (just one sign of this is the RSS subscribers have gone from around 1800-2000ish just a few weeks ago to currently above 47,000.) So, there might be some growth problems but I hope that we can keep up.
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