Server status (was: Server was down)

I'm going to put server/site status notices here. If the server is actually down, then I'll twitter it at @justbento. (Note this is not the same as my chattering twitter account, which is at @bentotips. The traffic to the site is growing at an exponential rate at the moment (just one sign of this is the RSS subscribers have gone from around 1800-2000ish just a few weeks ago to currently above 47,000.) So, there might be some growth problems but I hope that we can keep up. Newest notices are listed first below. Jan. 20 2009: The server was DDOS'ed around 3am my time. Fortunately I was up (hah) and the wonderful folks where this server is located were able to stop it almost right away. No files were compromised. I did take the opportunity to tweak some settings in the background (which accounts for some minor outages around 12pm-1pm CET). Jan. 19 2009: The server had a major conniption around 4am - 7am this morning my time (isn't it always the time that kind of thing occurs), but all should be ok now. (The conniption was a database table lockup, for the technically inclined).
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