Hey everyone! Hope your holidays were awesome! Santa got me what I wanted so I'm pleased haha! Though it was hectic this christmas, 12 of us all staying in my tiny house and 2 young kids. Wow. Anyway, my Mum does pickles every year for gifts, lime pickle, picalilli, beetroot etc. This year I got a couple of jars!! Both quite large, one is pickled garlic (I use garlic a lot in cooking so very useful!) and some pickled ginger slices. Now these babies are HOT, helped clear my sinuses of my cold xD But sooooo very tasty!
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So, it looks like spring is finally here for real, and I am thankful as I was starting to get fed up with winter vegetables :P I've been experimenting with making tsukemono, and I'd like to try making misozuke, however the info and direction I have found online are contrasting, especially about the pickling time, from overnight (for example here http://www.openkitchen.net/cook/carrot/carrot-e.html ) to two weeks, up to three months (like here http://www.theblackmoon.com/Jfood/ftsuke.html#miso) °_°
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Help! I'm moving to the mountains and need to know...

I need to know how to start cooking from absolute scratch because the area I'm moving to is a very remote area of Montana and you can't just go to the market and get things for dinner. The nearest food store is an hour away in good weather. I went to school for Horticulture and passed with honors, so growing the food is no problem. I have a supplier of Japanese garden seed and another for things like nori and rice, but I need to know how to make my own fermented, pickled, dried, and canned produce.

Homemade vegetarian kimchi recipe

[I know I haven't been posting a lot of recipes lately...travelling around so much does that to you. So here's a great recipe for vegetarian/vegan kimchi from the forums, by Stephanie.! - maki]

I recently started making my own kimchi, because I was having trouble finding one that was fish free and without a ton of additives. It is super easy and easily customizable. I really like having something a little crunchy, spicy, and salty to go along with my lunch.


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Pickles and use-by-date fears...

Hey there, I have a surplus of Korean Takuan-type pickles (I bought a big pack of beautiful sun-like slices) and was wondering how long one should keep them in the fridge? They're in a tupperware type thingy, but as there was no date on the packaging, I keep getting the fear - I have a bit of an obsession with use-by-dates, which my other half finds very odd. As they are preserved, I figured they could live in there for a while, but as I say...I got the fear now, and so keep using them in EVERY meal in my haste to get through 'em!
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