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Hey everyone! Hope your holidays were awesome! Santa got me what I wanted so I'm pleased haha! Though it was hectic this christmas, 12 of us all staying in my tiny house and 2 young kids. Wow.

Anyway, my Mum does pickles every year for gifts, lime pickle, picalilli, beetroot etc. This year I got a couple of jars!! Both quite large, one is pickled garlic (I use garlic a lot in cooking so very useful!) and some pickled ginger slices. Now these babies are HOT, helped clear my sinuses of my cold xD But sooooo very tasty!

I was wondering if you guys had any ideas on what I could use the ginger and garlic for? Would the ginger work in onigiri maybe?


I'm not short, I'm fun sized ^_^

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Re: Pickles!

I'm brain numb on what to do with pickled garlic as it's a finished food for me (I'd rather peel some fresh cloves for cooking with).

Same with the ginger, except it is something I use to add flavour to other tsukemono-style side dishes or dressings.
(I'm more likely to use beni shoga to cook with than gari - the ginger you described sounds more similar to gari to me. Beni shoga does taste differernt to gari and 'blends' in well with foods like yakisoba and okonomiyaki. Gari is 'harsher' and doesn't blend in so well, so it is often regarded as a lively way to refresh the palate)

Anyway, back to your mum's gift of pickled ginger, a couple of examples from me would be:

Shred the ginger, add it and some of the pickling juice to some soy sauce/shoyu, add a couple of drops of sesame oil, stir and pour over rice and avocado (rice, avocado and smoked salmon is particularly nice). Garnish with chopped spring onion/green onion.

Make fresh 'instant' cucumber pickles with it.
Slice some cucumber (if using English cucumbers, slice in half lengthways and scoop out the seeds first), put the slices in a sieve/colander sprinkle on some salt and leave to drain for 10-20 minutes. Rinse the cucumbers and shake/squeeze off excess water.
Make up a dressing similar to that above with sliced or shredded pickled ginger, pickle juice, shoyu, a touch of sesame oil or rayu or sesame oil and dried chili flakes if you want a chili kick and leave the cucumber to marinade for at least an hour. - Try and eat these within as day, these won't keep for very long.

Try both of your pickles as salad dressing ingredients.

Personally, I'm not sure I'd want the ginger or the garlic as an onigiri ingredient. I'd be happy to eat gari or shoyu garlic WITH an onigiri (pickles, onigiri and a bowl of miso soup is a classic combination) but for some reason the idea of biting through rice into a pocket of fiery vinegared ginger isn't appealing to me - yet I enjoy alternating between mouthfuls of rice and mouthfuls of gari. I'm not sure why that is.

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Re: Pickles!

Those sound particularly yummy!! Thanks a lot! Dressings would work best now you said it actually. I may try a bit in a stir fry as well. Guess just playing around will be best to work it out as well!

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