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You might want to consult the following pages or sections: * The Just Hungry site has a Worldwide Japanese food shopping list section. Lots of listings by geographical area, especially useful for North America, Australia and Europe. * Bento items: Where to buy them on main Just Bento site.
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For those in the UK

And probably more so for those in East Anglia actually. Those of you who know the store will just think of cheap random items that have no real use, but you just have to buy. Well think again. That's right I'm talking about QD's! I popped in there the other day and they really do have loads of things that could be used for bento. I got the cutest miniature silicon cup cake cases that fit perfectly in my box. They also have loads of other cute items that could be used along with cheap containers that can be used for boxes and stuff.

Stainless Steel Bento Box

Just stumbled onto a stainless steel box for sale for $10 online! My cubic inches to ml says it's around 850, but that's including the domed lid, and rather approximate, as it has rounded corners. Good for sandwiches and bulky fruit and salads, probably. But cheap! They also have a 12oz stainless steel bottle with nipple cap for babies, but it says a sport cap is available, I guess on request. Also $10.

Is there bento gear in Düsseldorf?

Hi, In a few weeks I'm going to Düsseldorf, and I was wondering if anyone has been tehre. In Maki's report (I think) I read that there is not a lot of bento gear to be found, but can anyone tell me what can be found? I'm looking for boxes or sets and maybe some egg-moulds, does anyone know if the shops in DÚsseldorf do carry those items? I'd hate to come back disappointed...

Daiso basic bentoboxes and more

Just thought I'd contribute to the list of places to stockup on bento supplies. While on vacation in the northern bay area I came across Daiso a fairly popular bargain shop that not only carries bento items, but also basic housewears. I included the link at the bottom for all to find the location nearest them. The map includes all countires one can find a Daiso store.

Bento Box And Bento Making Goods From Japan

Hi!! I’m thrilled to offer you cute bento boxes and bento making items (egg shaper, food cutter, onigiri mold, nori cutter, bento cups and etc) . Every item on our site is hand selected, packaged and shipped from the Japanese countryside like you shopped there yourself. Chosen for an international audience you will find an eclectic collection of items far beyond the typical Hello Kitty gadgets people associate with Japanese retail products.


Stores in the Netherlands

Since I started bento-ing I have been trying to find good stores for bento-stuff in the Netherlands... which is not easy. While there are a lot of small eastern supermarkets in Nijmegen, they are usually more focussed on Indonesian and Chinese products. But... a while ago I went to a very very big Asian supermarket, it's calles Amazing Oriental and they have quite a few stores across the country. The first time I went to Delft, I think this is the biggest, and yesterday I went to Arnhem, which is smaller, but they've got a lot of useful products.