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I have to confess, I'm pretty bad about linking to other bento blogs. I am so caught up in my own sites that there just isn't enough time! So...I'm asking you all to help me assemble a good link list of really useful bento related sites that you love (besides Just Bento of course!)

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Bento Gear Giveaway at Not Exactly Bento

I just wanted to drop by and announce a bento gear giveaway at Not Exactly Bento. The full details of the giveaway can be found at Everyone, both U.S. and International bento enthusiasts, are eligible to enter. Thank you Maki for a great forum to allow others to let the bento community know about their events. :) Jenn of Not Exactly Bento

Kidney Bento is Born

My little spot on the web has finally been born. is now online and looking for interested readers. What does it deal with? my personal experiences dealing with Kidney Disease and figuring out what and how I'm going to eat and stick to 62 grams of protien and 2,000 mg of sodium a day. This is going to be a fun crazy adventure. Please note I am not a medical professional in any way shape or form and all posts are based on my own research and experiances and I am not held responsible for stuff if it backfires.

Bento Challenge Announced

What is your 30-Day Bento Challenge? For the month of April, what is that YOU want to try to do? It is the beginning of a fun giveaway at Not Exactly Bento! Here’s how it works… 1. Post your bento goals at Not Exactly Bento. Do you want to make sure to pack a bento every day? Every work day? Every Friday? Do you want to pack healthy bentos? Cuter bentos? Fancier bentos? Whatever your personal goals are, list them below.
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Next Iron Chef

In case you missed it bento boxes where the challenge on The Next Iron Chef tonight. It was a great competition where they had to create a dish of all five flavors, one for each section of the bento. I think that this is a great idea that I'm going to steal for my own bentos. Also each dish had to contain rice and it was interesting all the different kinds. Link:
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Bento box workshop

I teach Japanese cooking. Yesterday, I had a first bento box workshop for moms. It went really well and everyone had a great time making flower shaped carrots, turning sausage into octopus, crab and automobile. My food blog is : My bento box workshop will be aired in Japan for NHK BS1 station on November 15th. Please check out if you have any access.