Bento Challenge Announced

What is your 30-Day Bento Challenge? For the month of April, what is that YOU want to try to do? It is the beginning of a fun giveaway at Not Exactly Bento! Here’s how it works… 1. Post your bento goals at Not Exactly Bento. Do you want to make sure to pack a bento every day? Every work day? Every Friday? Do you want to pack healthy bentos? Cuter bentos? Fancier bentos? Whatever your personal goals are, list them below. 2. Come back each day (or however often you can) and let me know how the challenge is going. Feel free to post links to a picture of your bento or your bento blog. You may comment as much as you like. Please support one another. However, only one post per day will be counted as a chance towards the final grand prize. 3. Don’t let a mishap, setback, or other such thing get in your way. If you don’t do so well one day, don’t let it stop you. Start back the next day with your challenge and keep striving toward the end goal. (This is the concept I have to work the hardest at!) For more details on the challenge and associated prizes, please stop over at Not Exactly Bento and read about the 30-day Bento Challenge.
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