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Holy Moly New Major, Graduation, Moving to Japan?

So, this is not happening immediately, or really any time soon, but in a few years (probably 3 at the most), I will probably be moving to Japan. I know this seems way in advance, but I am the kind of person who likes to have the next 10 years outlined. I am an English major, and until recently I was planning on getting my teaching degree in English. However, due to financial reasons, I changed that plan and added Japanese as a second major, while dropping the Pre-Education. It was a major change for me, as I've had the whole "going-to-be-a-teacher" persona for the past 6 years.

Hello! (Again... )

Hello, bentoers! I haven't been active on this site for... about a year. (Don't worry, I /have/ been bentoing XP) I did post a thread a while ago with this topic ( )... That was when I was going into 7th grade. Well, now I'm preparing to go to high school! (Yaaaay... *coughdeadpan*)

Locating friends in Japan

Here is a useful site posted by one of my contacts in Japan. For those members that have friends in Japan, this may help you located them. My classmates from Japan are scattered all over the world. Some of them have returned to Japan though. I hope that your friends in Japan are safe and sound. Regards, Balifly

Why geisha?

I didn't want to derail Kyandasu's topic so I've started a new one. She mentioned that she finds the history of geisha to be interesting, and she's not alone. It's one of the things that non-Japanese people seem to find most fascinating about Japan. And, to be honest, I wonder, why? Before I inject my general view of the world of geisha and how some women in Japan regard it (not all, mind you) - are you interested in geishas (geiko, maiko)? If so, why?
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Going to Japan! Looking for advice (travel, culture, reccomended places to visit, etc.)

So, like the title says, I'm going to Japan. I'm leaving around mid-march and staying until the end of July! (So a very long visit!) First, I am spending a week or two in Tokyo, visiting my boyfriend's brother and his wife. Then my boyfriend and I go up to Akita, to attend Akita International University for a semester abroad. :) I'm really excited! I was wondering if the Justbento community who has traveled to Japan has any tips, suggests, or advice for me? I'm interesting in ways to save money, fun things to do, little unknown cultural info to look out for, etc.