a type of dango-ish thingy?

Since university, I've enjoyed cooking my own meals (necessity became enjoyment) and having recently started my first graduate job (meaning low pay, high transportation costs) what better time to use my 'uni skills'. When I came across your website, it was seriously a lifesaver! I didn't hesitate to buy your book when I saw it released at my local Kinokuniya bookstore (I live in Malaysia if you're curious). Thankfully there is rather large japanese community here in Kuala Lumpur and the surrounding suburbs that it is quite easy to get the japanese ingredients. I figured it best to ask you what http://foorah.tumblr.com/post/1458628879/i-remember-trying-this-when-i-w... is! It tasted sort of like dango (but looked more like a rice cake on a flat stick), was crispy on the outside and the sauce coating it tasted like Mitarashi sauce. I found the dango recipe on the justhungry website and I'm wondering if you could recommend me a recipe for that? (whatever that is).
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