Mini hamburguers

Another bento friendly recipe from my grandmother <3 This is my favourite food ever, my grandmother taught it to me when I left my parent's home. This will make for a lot of food, my husband and me eat this at once when I cook it but sometimes we have some leftovers that can be perfect for bento. - about 400-500 g of ground meat. - 1 egg - ground bread (it's better if it's hardened, like the bread from the day before) - a glass of milk - salt to taste (i made them saltless) - flour (a lot!) - oil 1.- beat the egg and add salt 2.- mix the meat with the milk. This won't look very tasty, but trust me. 3.- Add the gound bread to the meat+milk mixture. The ground bread should be enough to absorb the milk, just add it until the whole thing becomes a paste. This is usually 2 handfulls for me. Mix everything with a fork. 4.- add the beaten egg to the mixture and mix with the fork. 5.- put some oil to heat in a pan. 1 or 2 spoons will be ok. 6.- in a separate plate, put enough flour to cover the plate. 7.- take a little ball from the mixture and put it in the flour-covered plate. With clean hands, press the meat until it becomes a hamburguer. 8.- when the oil is hot, put the hamburguer in the pan and fry it until it's done. 9.- repeat until you end up with the mixture. Remember to add more flour when it runs out and to keep adding oil too. These hamburguers are great for bento if you drain any excess of oil of them. My grandma's advice is to made the hamburguers the thinner you can, that way they taste like heaven (and she's right). I usually make large "sheets" of the mixture and rip them as i throw them to the pan. The good thing about this is that they taste great cold or hot and you can put 1 or 2 in your bento without worrying about getting fat because, as they are very thin, they don't actually retain any fat from the pan. I guess you can use brown flour and ground brown bread for the recipe. Or even make them vegan, but I never tried so any experiments will be welcome! :) Anyway when I put these in a bento, I try to add less rice or pasta to reduce carbs. This will last 3 days in the fridge so my advice is to make them for lunch and use the leftovers! While I was writing this my mum called and told me that grandma was preparing a bunch of hamburguers for me & my husband's bentos! yay! ^^
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