May Vegetarian Bento Contest Voting: Round One, Group C

Voting now commences for Round One, Group C of the Vegetarian Bento Contest!

As I explained previously, I have divided the entries for the Vegetarian Bento Contest into slightly more manageable groups. Here are the voting rules again:

  • Take a look at the bentos or bento recipes in each group. The entry number is a link to the page for each entry.
  • Select your top 2 favorites in each group.
  • Submit your vote to, stating the entry number, e.g. “B4, and B8”. One vote per person per voting group please! Multiple votes (yes I can see what you're doing!) will be deleted, so please be honest!
  • Deadline for voting is stated for each group. This gives everyone time to look at the entries properly.
  • Please don’t vote for your own entry :)

Note: Just to clarify (since a couple of people asked) this is still Round 1. If your entry hasn't appeared in Groups A or B, it will appear today or later!

Here is the third group, Group C!

Voting for this group is now closed.

  • C1 (mouse over the photo to get the explanations)
  • C2 (explanation is here)
  • C3 (explanation is here) Actually C3 is the same bento as C2 as several people more observant than I have pointed out! So there is no C3 to vote on - if you like C3, please cast your vote for C2. (goes to get eyes checked)
  • C4 (a recipe entry)
  • C5
  • C6
  • C7
  • C8
  • C9
  • C10
  • C11
  • C12
  • C13, with the recipe for one component here

This group also has multiple entries from a couple of people, (since the groups are arranged by submission date), but remember you are strictly judging the bento itself!

The voting for Group A and Group B are still open also. Once again: submit your top 2 selections per group, to

Voting for this group is now closed.

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