Enhanced Profiles

Hi everyone! Having taken care of this profile page bug, I've now added a lot of new stuff you can fill out on your profile page. (Note that user profiles are only visible to other registered members, not to anonymous visitors.)

Just go to Your Account page, Edit tab, and you will see the Personal Information and Your Online Locations tabs. You can add quite a lot of things there, but please remember that only the *starred items are required, and if you are registered you've filled those out already! The more you do fill out, the easier it will be for you to locate other members with like interests.

Take a look at my user page for example. (Note, I do not actually have all those illnesses and diseases and so on. They are just there for demonstration purposes!) If you click on any link, you will get to a list of people who have the same interest, or allergy, or live in the same place, and so on.

The Your Online Locations section should be self-explanatory. Again, only fill out the information you want to make public. Don't post the URL of your private journal, email addresses, and so on!

At the very minimum think about filling in your location info, so you can find who else lives in your neighborhood! You will see this info show up under the user name and picture on any of their posts or comments in the forum. (Take a look at my user info right here to the left. If you click on 'Switzerland' there for example, you'll see a list of people in Switzerland.)

If you have any questions or suggestions, ask away here!