Country Ale in a Jar

The following is a recipe for an ancient beverage known as mead. This one is a beer version similar to the one s drank by my ancestors on feast days. The color, flavor, head thickness, and nose of this beer depend entirely on three things: water quality, yeast variety, and the honey used. Your success in even getting beer is almost entirely dependent on cleanliness. For almost a pint you will need: 2 sterile mason jars with 1 pint capacity just shy of 2 cups of room temperature, boiled spring water 2 tbs of any dark organic honey, raw is preferred a very tiny pinch of the beer or bread yeast of your choice a little simple syrup a 2 lb weight Fill the jar with honey and water to within an inch of top, stir to dissolve. Float yeast on top of the liquid, put jar somewhere dark and dry with lid disk but not the ring. Weight it down so gases can escape, but the weight keeps air from getting in. Check the jar daily until it stops bubbling/burping then pour off into a second sterile jar and add about a teaspoon of simple syrup. Cap with the ring and age for three weeks in a cool dry dark place. Enjoy with friends. Multiply this recipe as needed for more beer. There will be sediment, there is always some in homemade alcohols that haven't been put through a still.
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