Rice substitutes?

So, I'm planning on making bento boxes for my mom and I this year. I'm starting to plan and get ready now, but I ran into a problem, my mom asked if it's going to be rice every day. I told her no, but I'm not really sure what else I could use in the place of rice. I was thinking about quinoa, and noodles on occasion, but are there any other things I could use to replace rice every once in a while? Thanks in advance :3
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It's me again! Anyway I've been eying quinoa as something healthy to add to my diet, but I have really no idea what its benefits are. Is it good for protien replacement? I'm leery about packing meats in my bento since it's Texas, it's getting warm out, and yeah. Quinoa seemed a good deal since it can be cooked in with rice and all. Help? What are some things I can make with it?
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