A tale of two bentos


The very colorful bento pictured on the left is another kyaraben (character bento) contest winner in Japan. It was made by a mother for her kindergarten age daughter. It features little yellow chick shaped sushi balls (wrapped in usuyaki tamago or thin omelette), fried vegetables in a dashi based sauce, wiener sausages, pickled daikon radish, cherry tomatoes with cheese, and lettuce. Not only is it colorful, it’s nutritious too. (You can check out other entrants in this contest here, here, here, here and here.)

The much more subdued bento on the right is the winner of another Japanese bento contest. It was made by Mrs. Sachie Endo for her husband of 63 years. Mrs. Endo has 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. She still makes all three meals for her husband, and whenever she goes out and leaves him alone at home she makes a bento lunch for him. Because he can’t chew well any more, she often makes his favorite chicken and pork shuumai dumplings. The bento also contains onigiri, fried vegetables in a dashi based sauce, sweet beans and pickles; for the sake of his teeth, she also makes sure to cut up the nori on the onigiri finely, and chop the vegetables small. (The other winning bentos in this contest are here and here.)

Two very different bentos, both made with love.

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love, that’s the key!

love, that’s the key!


The story of the two Bentos was so nice and sweet. Love is what it’s all about for sure.


And that is the most important expression of all. It takes something simple like packing a lunch into an art, or a gift, and more. Love transforms things. Love bento’s are my absolute favorite. I think I’m going to go make one for my sweetheart now. Thank you for another inspiring post. Beautiful!!

Yes, that’s right. Making

Yes, that’s right. Making a good bento is about attention to detail and love. When I occassionally fall in love, or am inclined to think romantically about someone, I immediately nowadays think of making that person a bento with love and care.

my obento

It features little yellow chick shaped sushi balls

Thank you

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