Spring 2010 Bento Contest: The Winners!

156 entries from around the world, more than 3,300 votes cast...and finally, the winners of the 2010 Spring Bento Contest, co-sponsored by Bento&co, FrenchBento and JustBento are as follows!

1st prize

The first prize goes to this lovely butterfly bento by Gamene (Megan) of Bento Zen. Read her blog entry about this bento. Congratulations, Gamene!


2nd prize

The second prize, in a very close vote, goes to this very cute Spring Fairy Bento by Lia of Bentolicious. Read her blog post about this bento. Congratulations Lia!


3rd prize

The 3rd prize goes to this amazing tour-de-force by Laura of Laurabento. See her flickr post about this bento. Congratulations Laura!


And here's the rest of the top 10!

4th: This really kawaii spring bento from Laurence. Read her comments (in French) about this bento here. Félicitations, Laurence!


5th: This gorgeous bento from Yuki, that displays some amazing knife skills. Read her comments (in French) about this bento here. Félicitations, Yuki!


6th: A bento that just makes my mouth water, with a crêpe, cupcakes (or muffins) and more, who has an online boutique called Du Japon et des Fleurs. Read her comments about this bento (in French) here. Félicitations Solène!


7th: The beautifully executed and colorful Spring Momiji Bento by the supremely talented Sherimiya (Sheri) of Happy Little Bento Read her blog post about this bento. Congratulations Sherimiya!


8th: I just love this bento, which comes from Norway via Spain and is created by Erasmus (love that nickname too!), and the story behind it. Read about it here. Congratulations Erasmus!


9th: This sunny, very spring-like bento comes from France, and is by Nathalie. Read her comments about this bento here. Félicitations Nathalie!


And coming in at 10th: This abundant, yummy looking family picnic bento by Hypothermya. Read her comments about this bento here and here. Congratulations Hypothermya!


(Check out the poll results on this page.)

Prizes and more

All of the top 10 winners will receive a great prize from Bento&co. Plus, Thomas of Bento&co has announced that everyone who sent in a photo for the contest will receive a 20% discount coupon to use in their store.

In addition, our three youngest entrants - Lydia, Elsa and Corentin - will be getting a special prize from us :).

Thank you to everyone who participated, by entering a bento or voting. It has been a fantastic event...I hope we can repeat it next year!

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