Just a bigger dorm room for the summer

At the moment my life is rather full of excitement in many ways; there's the book of course, my mother had major surgery just today (in Japan), my father is almost ready to go home after many months in the hospital and a physical rehabilitation center (in the U.S.). But the part that is having the most immediate affect on daily life around here is the fact that I've just moved to a new house, which at the moment has no kitchen. (I wrote about my move over on Just Hungry.) There is a sink, but no appliances whatsoever. And since we plan to put in a proper kitchen as soon as plans and workers and so on are in place, we don't want to just buy stuff that we won't have a need for in a few months.

This does make it rather difficult to cook anything, including my usual bentos! But I've decided to make it a challenge. I thought back to this old post, about making bentos in a dorm room. At the moment, our living conditions are not that different really from being in a dorm room, though we have more space. What better opportunity to see how it really is like to try to make bentos in dorm conditions? I should have plenty of real-life experiments to report on by the time many of you are off to college in the fall.

Stay tuned!

Also, if you're already 'cooking' in a dorm room, let me know what kind of restrictions you have as to appliances and so on. Do you have a refrigerator, or access to one? Microwave? I'm going to try to stick to dorm-like conditions as much as possible. (I'm guessing that a dorm does not allow a small charcoal grill, right? ^_^;)

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