The Just Bento Cookbook giveaway and recipes on Serious Eats

The Just Bento Cookbook is featured as this week's Cook The Book over on Serious Eats! You can check out some recipes from the book, starting with these Tofu Nuggets with Edamame, which are even vegan! (Meat eaters do not fear, they are really tasty if I do say so myself.) The recipe has been field-tested by Caroline of SE, so read her comments to see what she thought about them. Plus, they're giving away 5 copies of the book! I am proud to be counted as a Friend of SE (I visited their World HQ in New York a couple of weeks ago), and it's an honor to be featured there. Go over there and check it out - and if you haven't gotten a copy of the book yet, you may get lucky, so go over there and give it a go!

(If you're wondering why I've not updated much these past few days on here or over on Just's because I've been doing some backend updating work on the sites. I know, I should hand that over to a tech person...but I'm a control freak, and I used to do this web-techie stuff for a living, so I should know what I'm doing...but...oh, and I've been trying to work on a twist on a classic pork belly recipe too. So....soon the site should be updated in the background, and I should finally be satisfied with the pork belly. Who knew that Drupal (that's my CMS) and pork went hand in hand? the meantime, get over to Serious Eats to check out The Book. ^_^;)

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