It's bento season again! (Open thread)

Yipes! It's been a full month since I posted here last. The time just ran away from me - as I reported over on Just Hungry, our house is still undergoing major renovations throughout; not only do I have no kitchen yet, we are gingerly stepping from tile to tile on partially finished floors, walking warily around small piles of debris and half-demolished walls and the like. There's stone and brick dust everywhere.

All that has meant that there hasn't been a lot (well ok, any) cooking, let alone bento-making, for a while around here. But that has to change! Both of us are feeling a bit ill these day, due to meals like this:

French fries roll!

It's basically a french fry (chips/frites) and sausage sandwich. Yikes! Mighty tasty admittedly, but not at all good for the waistline, the arteries, or anything else. So...we have resolved to get some cooking back on around here, despite the ongoing lack of kitchen (and the construction is moving along again now, now that the workers are back from their vacances). That includes getting away from the sandwich-or-fast-food lunch pattern too. In other words, I'm declaring the re-opening of bento season!

So anyway: How was your summer? What are your bento plans for back-to-school/back-to-serious-work in the fall? Anything else on your mind? ^_^

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