Important edit to the Menu For Hope prize listing

I should never try to post blogs at 3 AM, because I omitted an important detail for the Menu For Hope prize description (which I've edited now). Any bento box featured up until the December 21st deadline as Bento Of The Week can be selected as your prize, even if the retail price goes over the limit. So if you fell in love with that gorgeous handcarved box that was featured last week, you can enter for a chance to win it!

Another thing to note: if you're aiming for amassing a collection of bento making supplies, remember that everything will be sourced in Japan. So, no overseas shipper markup as you see on eBay listings for example. Think of it as a 10,000 yen shopping spree in a bento store!

Don't forget the Kihon no Obento (Basic Obento) book with English translations. What more could a bento lover want? :)

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