An article about bentos in JAL Skyward magazine

Just a short piece of news as I continue to battle with upgrading the site behind the scenes. If you are on a Japan Airlines (JAL) international flight this month, I have a feature article in the May issue of Skyward, their in-flight magazine. It’s called Bento Love and is about the growing popularity of homemade bentos outside of Japan…a subject I have a bit of familiarity with ^_^ They don’t have an online readable version unfortunately, but if you do get to read it I’d love to hear from you. Here’s the link to their table on contents.

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Re: An article about bentos in JAL Skyward magazine

i actually read this article last month and copied down addresses to go to in tokyo. one of them turned out to be disappointing and "tokyo hands" (that's the strange department store, right) was much better, but only had one stainless steel bento at the time.

all in all: thanks a lot for writing your piece! it saved me a lot of hours searching.

cheers, datinker

Re: An article about bentos in JAL Skyward magazine

Which was the disappointing one? Stainless steel bentos don't seem to be that popular in Japan..plastic does dominate.

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