Product Review Policy

From time to time, you may see a review of a bento related product, service or book on this site. Unless specifically stated otherwise, all reviewed items have been purchased, and not received for free. Any review of a product that has been sent to us is clearly labeled as such. We also give away all such review items in reader giveaways, or offer them as contest prizes. We do not ever accept payment for a product review.

Here are examples of reviews of products send by a publisher/maker:

Here are some reviews of products we purchased ourselves:

Links to product pages may be affiliate links, which give a small commission to us in the event that someone makes a purchase by clicking on that link (at no additional cost to the purchaser). We have affiliate relationships with (also Amazon Japan/Amazon UK/Amazon Germany) and JList/JBox.

If you are a publisher, maker or PR company, please do not send us anything for review unless we agree to take a look at your item or book. Please contact us first. In addition, the acceptance of a product for review does not guarantee that the product will be reviewed positively, or at all.

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9 Oct 2009 - 13:52

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