A modern French garden bento

Bentos are getting more and more popular in France it seems, judging from the growing number of bento blogs there. This is a guest post from Fossettes of Bentolunchbox, one of the most popular French bento blogs. She describes the site as “more than a year old, with flexitarian food and a touch of humour”. Even if you don’t speak French you should pay a visit, since her bento ideas are quite unique! Besides, doesn’t food always seem more delicious when it’s in French? :)

If your vision of a French garden is an old visit to Versailles Castle, you may have a shock!


This French garden is a more romantic one: lettuce is covered with cheddar flowers with french beans tails. A parsley grass, a tulip soy sauce and a tekuan sunlight enlight this garden.

The second part of the bento is the water peace of the garden: a few golden fishes are made with rice and furikake. Pieces of tekuan make the eyes of the fishes that are navigating in carrots waves.

At least, the gardener’s pride is the “rose far breton cake” which is a sweet prune flan, surrounded by mandarine.

For those who think that French cuisine is based on garlic and frogs, this is the 2009 version.

Fossettes (which means dimples), Bentolunchbox

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Re: A modern French garden bento

What is tekuan?

Re: A modern French garden bento

I think it's actually takuan (looking at the photo) - 沢庵 - it's pickled daikon radish that is dyed yellow with gardenia (kuchinashi) seeds. It's the yellow slices in the top left of the box with vegetables.

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