Great Bento Ideas: More Halloween bentos!

Here's a followup to the Halloween themed bentos from the last Great Bento Ideas post. As I mentioned there, Halloween really seems to bring out the creativity in many talented bento artists. (It also seems to inspire bentoists outside of Japan more than inside - probably because Halloween is not that much of a holiday here.) Here are a couple that caught my eye this year.

Sheri of Happy Little Bento is one the most talented bento artists out there, and she has posted several Halloween bentos already. This one features a cute green rice onigiri Frankenstein. Read about it on her blog.

Frankenstein Bento

Whoa, these garlic bread 'fingers' with sliced almond fingernails are way too scary for me! But kids will probably love them, not to mention the 'creepy quail eggs' dyed with blueberry juice. This fun bento is by Sonoma Bento - read more about it here.


This cute bento may look daunting to try to copy, but it uses food cutters in a very clever way to decorate a regular bento, so it should be doable for most people. It's by Karen - read about it on her blog.

bento 142 - halloween's coming!

Here's a clever idea - using string cheese wrapped around a sandwich as the bandages for a "mummy"! The tongue is a piece of ham. This bento is by meltong99 - read about it on her blog.

A Cheesy Mummy Bento

LianMama, who has already been featured here, used sliced cheese cut into strips as bandages for her mummies in this awesome bento.


This one is actually from last year, but it's one of my favorites - a small salad bento that depicts Audrey, the hungry plant from Little Shop Of Horrors. Who knew that a tomato could look so scary/cute? It's by Debra of hapa bento.

Feed Me...Feed Me...FEED ME!!!

And finally, a bento that shows off some really high-end food cutting skills - even though the person who created it says it was 'simple'! MyMealBox is the site of a professional charaben/kyaraben artist in Indonesia (you can special order bentos from them to fit a theme, if you're lucky enough to be in their area). Read more about it here.

Helloween Kitty bento

There are many more great Halloween bentos around for you to check out and get inspiration from. Why not make your own?

(If you want your idea to catch my eye by the way, the best way is to join the Just Bento or Just Bento Bento Gear groups on Flickr and post them there. Don’t forget to post a link to your blog in the description if you have one.)

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