Great Bento Ideas: Colorful Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Bentos by Cocyte

This week's Great Bento Ideas are by Cocyte, who makes beautiful bentos in Bordeaux, France - a country that could be considered the mecca of bento-ing in Europe, if not the world. Cocyte's bentos are a mix of traditional and non-traditional, and always have a gorgeous mix of colorful vegetables.

Take this bento, which features petits farcis - a tomato and a rond de Nice summer squash stuffed with a mix of cheeses (see Cocyte's recipe here). It's beautiful, well balanced, and looks delicious!

Bento Petits Farcis

Here is a fun bento that has a small muffin decorated to look like a bunny, with sliced avocados for the body and cucumber ears. The sugar carrot decoration is a cute accent. The orange carrot puree looks interesting too.

carrot champion

And finally here is a simpler bento that uses the colors of radishes really well. The sesame seed decorations on the avocado slices are a really nice touch. A bonus: it's gluten-free!

Bento Ratatouille

See more beautiful and healthy bentos in Cocyte's flickr stream.

Look out for another Great Bento Idea post next week!

(If you want your idea to catch my eye by the way, the best way is to join the Just Bento or Just Bento Bento Gear groups on Flickr and post them there. Don’t forget to post a link to your blog in the description if you have one.)

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