Great Bento Idea: Udon noodles with meat sauce and a 2-for-1 flower

Terriyaki Pork Noodle Bento

After a brief hiatus due to my crazy schedule, the Great Bento Ideas series highlighting bentos from the bento blogging community is back! This week it's this udon noodle bento by Ceinwyn of Bento Bliss. Ceinwyn (or Ingrid), who hails from Belgium, was having work done in her kitchen last week, but still managed to pull off this delicious looking bento using her electric wok.! Udon noodles are thick wheat noodles that stand up well to rich sauces, and don't get too soft and soggy over time, so they are very well suited to bento boxes. The teriyaki meat sauce sounds good to me!

Another thing I liked about this bento was the dual-purposing of the flower cutout. Not only is it the highlight on top of the brown noodles, the cut out part itself forms a nice accent on the apple. This way, not a single bit of the fruit goes to waste. That appeals to my cheap-ass, I mean, frugal side. Oops, looks like I was wrong about the flower. The flower on top of the noodles is made of cheese! A nice touch anyway to use the same motif for the apple and the noodles ^_^;

So now that the series is back, look for another Great Bento Idea next week!

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11 Jun 2019 - 06:20

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