Great Bento Idea: Fall Comfort Food Bento

Fall Comfort Food Bento

A day late, but here is this week’s Great Bento Idea! It comes from Cathryn3, and contains a selection of really tasty looking fall comfort foods - chicken tenders, glazed baby carrots, brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes and Vidalia (sweet) onions. I bet this is a bento that tastes great heated up, though it should be tasty at room temperature too.

I chose this because it looks like something you could do with the inevitable leftovers from that Great Big American Feast coming up in just a few days. Cut up leftover roast turkey instead of the chicken tenders, and there you are! I’m looking forward to seeing what other people do with their Thanksgiving leftovers bento-wise after the fact too. (See also: Tips for using Thanksgiving leftovers in bentos.)

Look for more Great Bento Ideas next week!

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Re: Great Bento Idea: Fall Comfort Food Bento

Thank you for featuring my bento, Maki - I'm so flattered!!!!

Re: Great Bento Idea: Fall Comfort Food Bento

This looks like an absolutely delicious bento. I was just wondering how you define "comfort food". I feel like it's an overused term nowadays, used by many people to refer to anything that isn't lettuce or lentils or brown rice. Doesn't it have negative connotations, as in the food is unhealthy (this bento looks well-balanced) and you're eating it for emotional reasons? I wonder what other people think.

Re: Great Bento Idea: Fall Comfort Food Bento

I always think of "comfort food" as the warm carb-heavy dishes from winter time. It can sometimes have negative connotations, but I think a lot of people use the term in relation to warm "comforting" memories of their past.....having warm soup after playing in the snow....Grandma's amazing biscuits and gravy on cool winter feasts where all the family is gathered around. There are several different meanings for comfort food, so it's certainly not limited to the "binging" foods people go to for comfort when they're stressed and going to overeat.

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