Bento box spotlight: A real Pokeball bento box

Several people noted how the red, black and white color combination bento from monbento shown in the in-depth review looks like a Pokeball. I just wanted to let Pokémon fans out there know that there’s a “real” Pokeball bento box out there.


It is kind of small, at just 170ml capacity. (For the metrically challenged that’s a bit less than 3/4 U.S. cups - so it’s just about big enough for a yogurt or something, not a full adult size lunch!) And it’s rather expensive too. But if you are a die-hard Pokemon fan…or as a gift for the Pokemon fanatic in you life, well, why not? It comes in its own drawstring bag and matching bento band, and is available from J-List/JBox and

There’s also a Pikachu shaped bento box. It too is rather small, at 270ml capacity. In Japan it’s clearly cost as a novelty bento box for kids. Here it is in a Pokemon bento-stuff display at a Tokyu Hands store in Japan.


I actually used this bento once, at my book signing/talk back in January 2011 at Kinokuniya bookstore in New York. The bento box was provided by the store, and I filled it with a bento and we gave it away. This is the bottom tier - there’s also a second tier. As you can see, it is rather small. But it may work for little kids or someone with a tiny appetite, or as a snack bento box. In any case it’s sure to cause a bit of a sensation!


The Pikachu bento box is available on

Finally, if you want to enjoy the world of Pokémon inside your bento box instead, there’s a book dedicated to that - in Japanese only, but with plenty of photos. It even comes with a bento box (a plain one, not one of the fancy shaped ones…but hey, plain is practical!) so you can get started right away. it’s called 食育レシピでつくる! ポケモンお弁当BOOK - Make it with healthy recipes! Pokemon Obento Book and is available from Amazon Japan. (Note, Amazon Japan will send books-with-free-gifts overseas.)


So, there’s plenty out there for the Pokémon and bento fans. ゲットだぜ - Gotta catch ‘em all! (maybe ^_^)

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Re: Bento box spotlight: A real Pokeball bento box

Do my eyes deceive me, or is that Dr. Yukio Hattori from Iron Chef on the top left of the cover of the pokemon book?

Re: Bento box spotlight: A real Pokeball bento box

Good eyes! Yes it is. He's an actual 'food authority' - he owns a cooking school that bears his name, is head of all kinds of food education and nutrition-related committees, etc.

Re: Bento box spotlight: A real Pokeball bento box

heehee i love the japanese names for the pokémon :)

Re: Bento box spotlight: A real Pokeball bento box

Heehee! learning to eat bento as an American adult, this was my first bento box. A little small, yes, but it can be packed with food that makes up for it!

Your site has been such an inspiration to me, so it's exciting to see my favorite bento box featured!

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