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Periodically we send out a call for guest posters on Just Bento. Guest posting here is a chance to reach a large audience of bento enthusiasts, and gain exposure for your site or blog.

Guest posting guidelines

  • Please note that we do not accept guest posts on a rolling basis. When we are accepting guest posts, you'll know about it - if you are subscribed to this site. Regular readers of this site are given first priority.
  • Once you see a call for guest posts, please submit a query using the site contact form first. Do not submit unsolicited full posts/articles. Queries or article proposals when we do not have an open call for guest posts will probably be ignored.
  • Your query should state: the title of your proposed guest post, a synopsis, and a link to your site/blog, as well as the name you wish to be used as the author name.
  • We will not accept guest posts from blogs or sites that we deem to have no connection whatsoever to this site, at our sole discretion.
  • If your post proposal is accepted, you will have 1 week to submit your article to us. Please format it as plain text with the appropriate line breaks, or in Markdown format (no Word files or preformatted HTML files). Any images to accompany the article should be in .jpg, .gif or .png format, and no wider than 500 pixels. Links to the appropriate Flickr page for an image are fine.
  • Your article should be at least 500 words in length, and not have appeared elsewhere previously. (You are free to re-post the article on your own site after it appears here on Just Bento.) You should have the full copyright and/or right to use any text, images, video, etc. submitted in relation to your guest post.
  • The theme of site or blog to which the post will link should have some relationship to bentos, lunches, cooking, or Japanese culture. Personal blogs are subject to review before we okay them. Any blog or site that deals with unrelated or unacceptable subject matter as determined by us will be rejected.
  • Please do read through the existing posts on this site to see if the topic you intend to write about has already been covered. If it already has been covered, chances that your proposal will be accepted may be slim. (Example: We already have several guest posts about the parent-child bond created via bento lunches. We probably won't accept yet another unless it's truly exceptional.)
  • We are unable to pay for guest posts at this time. You will be guest posting for the exposure it brings you.
  • You retain all copyrights to all materials submitted, with exception of allowing us to publish the materials on Just Bento first.
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