You said "Maybe some day I will tackle ramen"

::begin light-hearted humor:: On August 8th, 2007, a date that seems like an eternity ago, you made a comment about making ramen. Well, I must say "Where's my ramen?" I must request that, after you finish your rough draft (or the book, whichever it may be) that you do indeed tackle ramen. Run at it flat out and clothesline it. There are various other websites on the tubes that have pretty trashy instructions. Some, are just plain wrong. Most of the quality ones that I have seen are actually in Japanese, and engrish instructions from a translator are no good. With the winter months (or perhaps different depending on where you are currently living, which also seems seasonal) approaching here in the states, what better time than to make ramen? Tonkotsu variety in particular! Pork bones can be found at any butcher, and many asian grocers stock fresh yaki-soba noodles and kamaboko. So apart from the broth, perhaps the chashu? Anyway, Thanks for a great website and good luck with your book!
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