Workflow on login

Don't know how easy this would be to do Maki, but I have a suggestion re workflow. The problem is this: On my work computer, after the weekend, I click on the "Forum topics with new activity" link and I get a huge list because it's been 3 days since I used the site on this computer and it's logged me out. Then there isn't a link to log in again, so I have to click on Forum/Community to get a login link, then when I DO log in, it takes me to my profile. Where there isn't a link to new activity, so I have to go to Forum/Community again, then I can get to where I wanted to go in the first place. A login link on each page would be good, and easy to do. Having the thing remember where you were aiming for in the first place and take you there when you've logged in would be even better, but might not be so easy, so it can be gone without if necessary.