Why Maki is so scatterbrained right now

Not that I'm usually that together but... well, as some of you may know, we've had the house on the market for a while now. Not the best time for it for sure...the bad economy is really worldwide, and affecting Switzerland too. Anyway, just a week ago we got the first worthwhile offer for the place...and we've accepted it in principle. The price is less than we wanted but hey...at least we are not making a loss. So, the upshot is that we are now obligated to move out of this house by the end of February, and find another place to live temporarily while we look for a new place to buy. We are about half packed, but as anyone who's moved knows, the last half is usually *way* tougher than the first half. (thankfully, we did agree that the buyers are responsible for clearing out any stuff we leave behind, so we don't have to clean up. I plan to leave them TONS OF CRAP, hehehe.) I have to admit that at first I thought I could not possibly do the Challenge thing with the packing and moving on top of work and so on. But I decided that I had to - wanted to - do it anyway, because these are the things that life throws at us! And after all, body and health come first, and bento making is not something special - it's a part of life. So that's why I have been making little mistakes like pasting the wrong URL or forgetting to do stuff. I hope I don't make any huge mistakes but hey - if you catch me, please be gentle! :)