Wheat Free Tempura?

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I have a wheat allergy, and it means I cannot eat many of my favorite foods :( so I am always on a mission to find good wheat free recipes!

One of my favorite things is a shrimp tempura onigiri. I love them so much, and I used to eat them almost every lunch at work, but now I cannot eat them because the batter has wheat in it! Is there anyway to make tempura without wheat? Or is it just disgusting then?

If you have any wheat free tempura recipes, please share! I would really appreciate it ^^ and my belly would thank you too :3 hehe


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Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

try the standard recipe using all riceflour instead of wheatflour.
if too crispy add 30% soy flour

Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

This recipe is tried and tested many times and it's totally yummy http://www.wheat-free.org/crispy-king-prawns.html

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Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

The characteristic of tempura batter is that it's airy and crispy. While you could just coat your shrimp in a non-gluten flour and fry it, it would be a different kind of deep fry.

I have not tried this, but I would try using potato starch (katakuriko) or a non-gluten cornstarch (cornstarch is gluten-free, but most of the cornstarch produced in the US is contaminated with wheat flour - try health food sources) instead of the flour in a basic tempura batter recipe. For my vegetable tempura batter recipe for example, try using all cornstarch (4 Tbs) - add a tablespoon or so more more if the batter is not thick enough.


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Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

thank you for your replies! I will try the recipes ^^ and thank you for the tip Maki, now that I have some ideas I'll try experimenting hehe. ^^ its always so hard to find delicious wheat free alternatives to your favorite foods :(

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Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

A suggestion I have for you to try which should be very tasty as an alternative to a tenmusu is to coat the shrimp in bread crumbs instead of batter.

This means that you substitute 'ebi fry' for 'ebi tempura'.
I found that making gluten free ebi fry was a little trickier than the standard kind, but not horribly so.

I washed, dried and scored some raw large prawns and snipped away the very edge of the tail (so that a pocket of air/water doesn't form inside it and explode in the hot oil!).
Then I rolled the shrimp in seasoned buckwheat flower (you could try potato or cornstarch).
Then the shrimps rolled in flour are coated in egg - this was the trickiest part as it seems to take more patience to get the beaten egg to coat a prawn coated in buckwheat flour than one covered in wheat flour. A way to make this much easier is to use frothy egg white instead of the usual beaten egg.
The last stage is the breadcrumbs. You make your own with breadcrumbs from a stale gluten free loaf of bread.

If you do like ebi fry another thing to try (but not with onigiri) is to substitute dessicated coconut for the breadscrumbs. With coconut you will definitely need to use stiffly whisked egg whites over the floured shrimp.

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Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

For the tempura batter I like to use rice flour instead of the all purpose flour. I think it makes it a little lighter than using all cornstarch. Btw, Argo cornstarch is gluten free.

If you're looking for a gluten free breadcrumb alternative: Rice Chex crumbs (or Corn Chex crumbs, or a mix of both) work quite well...

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Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

Is it possible to make tempura without the eggs? My son is allergic to them but loves tempura-I was thinking of using rice flour (wheat allergy too) but what about the egg?


Re: Wheat Free Tempura?

I'm entering a tempura in Paula Deen's cooking competition called the Real Women of Philadelphia. my husband has celiac so most of what I make is wheat and gluten free. I use eggs and rice flour for the tempura batter. I've never entered this contest before and don't know if there are a lot of gluten/wheat free dishes entered. I'm wondering if it will hurt my chances. Does anyone know anything about this competition?

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