What's this? You're so short...

Haha, I enjoy making short jokes about myself xD Hello! I'm Marova, though you can call me Maro. I have been off-and-on bentoing for a few years and I have the gross pics to prove it! Seriously...you wouldn't believe some of the crap I made Dx I joined this site because I wanted to learn how to cook and prepare better foods for my lunches and even my breakfasts, dinners, snacks, brunches...you get the point. I eat a lot, but it's usually crap. I just eat whatever's around, and that means it's usually pretty starchy and carby and fatty. Oh noes. I'd like to eat healthier, tastier food (is that possible?) that doesn't sit in the fridge! No more big pots of nasty fried rice I can't even finish the first bowl of. I want to eat some real food. xD I'm gonna start college soon, and I'll be living at home since I can't afford to live on campus (not that I really wanted to). So, whatever I take for lunch would need to be able to last for a few hours until I could get to it. And my earliest classes aren't till almost 11AM, so I would have time to cook/prepare whatever I need to. Hopefully I won't become a lurker/loner here, and will meet some of you awesome bento people and have fun with y'all <33
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