What's the name of this?

I have a feeling this will get long, sorry in advance. Maki, I'm looking for the name of a certain type of soup. I work (and live) in Japan and my boss made me a soup of potato, carrot, sausage, a generous hunk of ham, daikon, and some other vegetables in hearty chunks. It was a simple taste but I enjoyed it. A few weeks later my Japanese mom e-mailed me this recipe for "Vegetable Potof" (WARNING: After living in America for over 30 years, my mom still cannot speak or write in English) Sprinkle salt on chicken, Daikon , potato, carot, cut in one bite size. cut bacon in 3 pcs( cut bit size). all food cook in 8 cups water. scoop dirty bubbles out while boil. veggie chicken became soft and tender, add Udon and sausage , salt and pepper as seasoning. if you like garlic, add. I am certain this is the dish my boss made for me. What is the name of this dish? Also, I just made this and the soup wasn't as flavorful as the version my boss served me. I made it the exact way my mom told me, using only the vegetables, meat, and salt+pepper to flavor the water. What can I do to add flavor to the soup that's not too difficult? This was so easy to make and perfect for a cold Tokyo night!
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