Wanted: A few good men, I mean moderators

The forum has now been up and operational for a week, and even with more than 800 new people registering so far and hundreds of posts already, nothing's broken! I think we are almost out of the beta phase now.

So, since as I wrote earlier I'm in the process of packing and moving house, on top of everything else, I'm really going to need help with the forum. So, I'm looking for moderators. This is a volunteer position since at the moment Just Bento does not make enough revenue to pay people (maybe some day...), but if you'd like to involve yourself even more in our growing community, please consider becoming a moderator!

If you are:

  • a people person
  • bento lover (well why else would you be here?)
  • have a little free time

you qualify! Pluses are a little knowledge of how forums or online communities work, and some tech-savvy (but I'll teach you how to do the background stuff - it's not complicated).

Ideally I would like to have one US/Canada based moderator, one in Europe and one in AU/NZ or Asia, to cover all timezones, but more important than your location is the above.

Your main tasks as a moderator would be:

  • Moving around off-topic comments to their right location
  • moderate the flagged posts/comments, or flag/un-publish comments that are obvious spam, abusive, etc.
  • greet new members and make them feel welcome (monitoring the Introductions section especially)
  • occasionally start up new topics of discussion as you see fit
  • etc.

So, if you are interested, please reply to this below, or shoot me an email at maki@makikoitoh.com !

[Update:] We now have enough moderators, but if you're interesting in helping out in some capacity anyway, shoot me an email!