Tea Jelly

I have just posted my first jelly recipe over at my blog (www.smalerie.com), but since a few people over here seemed interested in it, I decided that I should probably post it over here too: Tea Jelly 500ml of water 4+ tea bags of your choice sugar to taste (I use raw cane sugar, but I’ve even used Splenda) 2 packets of agar powder Prepare tea with brewing method best for tea choice (I say this because I have been scolded many times for letting my water come to a full rolling boil when making green tea). When you brew, shoot for a tea that is about twice as strong as you would normally like without letting it get too bitter. Once tea is brewed (and off the burner), add sugar according to your taste. This is another time when I’d advise that you make it a little sweeter than you would normally like. Once sugar is dissolved, add packets of agar powder one at a time, making sure the first one is completely dissolved before adding the second. Once all powder is dissolved allow to cool slightly before pouring into into a mold or container. Refrigerate until set. Option: If you like milk in your tea, you can add that too. Just don’t boil the milk. Add it when you add your sugar. Just make sure that you use slightly less water to accommodate for the amount of milk you are using. You can also add powdered milk and use the same water measurement. I have more details about agar and such at my blog, but I hope that everyone tries this out. I make and eat this stuff all the time.
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