Student saying Hello

Hello everybody I am a student from Switzerland who is just crazy about Japan and everything related to it. So obviously bento is a must ^_^ and they serve me well every day at university because not only do I save a lot of bucks by preparing my own food, I get to eat my favourite food every day. Moreover because I am lactose intolerant it usually is quite difficult to find something suitable to eat for me at the canteen because most of the dishes usually are made with the help of a diary product like cream sauce or something else. Anyway, I just love rice and tofu so much and seriously it helped me to loose a lot of weight (When I was 15 I weighed: 78 kg, now I am 24 and 55 kg @ 170cm). Unfortunately my bentos usually are just filled with plain sticky rice, some veggies and tofu. However I discovered this site a few months ago and it has provided me some great inspirations how I could spruce up my bentos a little bit :-) I am looking forward to meeting new friends over here and discovering new great recipes :-) どもう じゃまたね Best Regards Chris
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